Be Savvy With Your Money This Christmas, It Doesn’t Grow On Trees

Plan What You Can Afford

It’s easy to get carried away but spending recklessly for the sake of one day can wreak havoc on personal finances for months afterwards – not a great way to start the new year!

Instead, take stock of your finances and plan accordingly. Every good accountant knows the number one importance of good budgeting.

Be An Early Bird

Supermarkets and stores are already displaying Christmas wares and there are bargains to be had. So stock up on non-perishable food items.

The only question that remains: can you trust yourself with a stockpile of Quality Street?

Shop Around

Instead of relying on a frantic supermarket sweep on December 24th, investigate where the best deals can be found to match your budget.

It’s also worth comparing the price of gifts before buying – the difference in cost between stores can be enormous.

Accountants must always be incredibly organised – having a shopping strategy in mind before hitting the high street will stand you in good stead.

Use Discount Codes

If you’re more of an online shopper, search for discount codes. Many retailers offer web exclusives that can save you a fortune.

Scanning the small print and maximising the benefits of financial bonuses is the purpose of accountancy.

So why not follow suit and reap the benefits?

Don’t Be Tricked

Buy five get one free! Extra 10% off when you spend over £1000! These offers can seem attractive at first but consider the implications. Do you really need five extra boxes of bread sauce? These ‘false economy’ deals can cause financial turmoil. Just like an accountant, make your plan… then stick to it.


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